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"Thank You!"

Written by: Newell Tarrant
Monday, March 22, 2010
Dear Ken,

The only thing I regret about receiving our rings and appraisals last Saturday afternoon was that you weren’t there to see Pamela’s eyes well up with joy as I slid her new diamond ring onto her finger.

Too many times, I’d wager, you have to field the complaints of those customers whose expectations have not been satisfied. And I’d also venture that too few times you get to experience the emotional highs that your craftsmanship prompts in others.

Not so this time. Hence, with apologies for not being able to take delivery of our rings from you personally, this letter becomes feeble substitute for the smiles and joyful tears that you (and Joanne, Crystal & Jewel) fostered.

Our two rings, past home and car purchases excepted, are the two largest purchases I’ve ever had the pleasure of making.

Your integrity and quality of service helped me obtain the most intrinsic value for my money in both instances. From the craftsmanship invested in my ring’s creation to the beauty of the bezel-mounted diamond in Pamela’s ring, your artistry is profoundly appreciated. Pamela and I are proud to say that you are our jeweler, now and in the further.

Thank you,
Newell Tarrant

POSTED: 03/22/2010 08:41:49 PM
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