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Simon G

Simon G.: Quality and Tradition to Last a Lifetime

At Simon G. Jewelry, we understand the importance of fine jewelry. Whether given as a gift to commemorate a special occasion or to celebrate the love of a lifetime, such an investment is imbued with personal value.

This is why the details of our jewelry matter; all of them, whether visible or not. We make sure every aspect of a ring is perfect- even the parts underneath the diamond or on the back of a setting. Even if no one will be able to see it, we know its there, and refuse to create anything which does not meet our exacting standards.

All Simon G. rings go through at least 10 quality control checks before leaving the building. After every design aspect of a ring is completed, it goes back to a quality control checker. Engraving, diamond setting, polishing: each step is checked to make sure it complies with our higher-than-industry standards. Most diamond setting and quality control checks are done under microscopes.

Because of our custom-mixed proprietary alloy mixtures, our white gold stays whiter compared with other brand's 18k white gold, and therefore requires less rhodium plating in the future. Our platinum stays bright because of the iridium alloy for added workability.

All of our side diamonds in our bridal and engagement jewelry are at least GH in color and VS in clarity. We source all of our diamonds directly from Kimberly Process approved vendors and can trace origins to insure ethical sourcing.

Simon G.'s designs take inspiration from the best of jewelry history- milgrain edging, delicate filigree, hand engraving. Nowhere else can you find such a range of designs with such unique details and remarkable beauty. There is truly something for everyone in the extensive collection of Simon G. engagement ring designs.

We take pride in creating beautiful wearable works of art to represent love for a lifetime.
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