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In the past I have had a few items repaired by your jeweler and have been pleased. Last week I brought a gold bracelet in for repair. It was my thought that the bracelet would need a safety latch. The salesgirl spoke to the jeweler and on the spot the jeweler repaired the bracelet with a tension control adjustment. The salesgirl asked if I would like to have the bracelet cleaned and I replied “yes”.
Osborne Jewelers is now my jewelers of choice. This adjustment to the tension control took less than ten minutes. The bracelet was cleaned and returned to me. No charge for the repair or cleaning. I was expecting a charge for a safety latch, time for service. A safety latch would have taken away from the lines of the bracelet. Thank you for your honesty and professionalism.

Julie Pierce

Letters from our Customers and Sponserships! pebble-gold-sponsership

Now that we have completed our 3rd annual invitational tournament, we were delighted with its success. Your participation contributed to that success and we want to thank you. We hosted 59 guests from 9 clubs along with 101 members and heard many positive comments. Your sponsorship helped to provide us with the money needed to award performance prizes as well as raffle and door prizes. Your gift basket was a very generous donation.
We have enclosed a picture of your sponsor sign as displayed at the hall. When we have our 4th annual tournament next year, we hope you’re able to support us again.
Thank you,
Pebble Creek Lady Anne- Hole Golf

Letters from our Customers and Sponserships! homeless-youth-assosiation

Dear Joanne,
Homeless Youth Connection would like to thank you for your generosity and support. Because of you, HYC is able to continue to provide for the needs of a number of young people in the West Valley that would otherwise go without.
Without your support, many of our homeless youth would be without the most basic of needs: food, clothing, school supplies and hygiene products. Many would also be without hope. Again, HYC thanks you for your generous donation to Homeless Youth Connection.
We couldn’t do it without you!
Sheryl Driscoll

Letters from our Customers and Sponserships! pet-companion

On April 7, 2012, The Pet Companions Club of PebbleCreek held its 16th Annual Pooch Parade Fundraiser with a significant portion of the net receipts to go to an organization called “Soldier’s Best Friend”. Sixty-one individuals, area organizations, and businesses stepped forward to sponsor this event by donating raffle prizes or making cash donations. PebbleCreek residents also generously supported this event by their participation in this event. As a result, $1628 was raised to support “Soldier’s Best Friend” and our animal rescue efforts here in PebbleCreek.
I would like to thank you for your generous donation of a gift basket. Your sponsorship along with that of other area businesses, organizations and individuals is what makes charity events like this a success.
James E. Ellison

Letters from our Customers and Sponserships! scan0008
I cannot begin to adequately thank you and express my sincere appreciation for all you’ve done to redesign my rings. From the initial consult to the beautifully completed work, I couldn’t be more happy and content with how they all turned out. I’m so proud of them and wear them proudly. Thank you, Thank you!
Warmest regards,
Judy Alough

Letters from our Customers and Sponserships! osborne-jewelers-sponser-card

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